One of the most in demand voice actors working today.

Since 2003, Jeff has voiced commercials and promos for Ford, Sprite, US Army, Budweiser, WGN America, GMC, Hershey’s, Turner Sports, Volvo, McDonald’s, CNN, Bounce TV, Verizon, Spike TV, and many others.

Jeff has narrated numerous programs for The Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic Channel, including Nat Geo’s, American Genius, the multimillion dollar mini-series event made by the Emmy Award-winning producers of The Men Who Built America.

He was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently makes his home with his beautiful wife in New York.

Jeff’s studio is equipped with ISDN, phone patch and Source-Connect capabilities, and he can be contacted via his agents at Atlas Talent Agency or through his manager Jason Marks.

TNT - Jeff Wilburn
Disney - Jeff Wilburn
Spike TV - Jeff Wilburn
Verizon - Jeff Wilburn
Smithsonian Channel - Jeff Wilburn
Budweiser - Jeff Wilburn
Ford - Jeff Wilburn
History Channel - Jeff Wilburn
Discovery Channel - Jeff Wilburn
NBC - Jeff Wilburn
Volvo - Jeff Wilburn
GMC - Jeff Wilburn
US Army - Jeff Wilburn
CNN - Jeff Wilburn
National Geographic Channel - Jeff Wilburn
NBA - Jeff Wilburn
McDonalds - Jeff Wilburn
Hersheys - Jeff Wilburn

Atlas Talent Agency

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Atlas Talent - Jeff Wilburn

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New York | +1 212-730-4500
Los Angeles | +1 310-324-9800

Jason Marks Talent Management

Representing Jeff from Coast to Coast


Promos & Trailers | Jason Marks
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Los Angeles | +1 323-936-6040

SAG AFTRA - Jeff Wilburn
Source Connect - Jeff Wilburn
ISDN - Jeff Wilburn
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